Business Overview


Inspection Systems

This business segment utilizes our core technologies of sensing and optics to provide vision systems that inspect at high speeds and high resolution to detect tiny scratches, blots and other irregularities almost invisible to the human eye. The technologies in this segment were originally developed for the steel industry to measure crystal grains of steel by mathematical analysis of captured images of steel surfaces. Another application is accurate measurement and management of printed dot matrices. We eventually accumulated a rich stock of image processing technology through years of providing assistance to universities and research institutes engaged in basic research and testing of samples in such fields as medical science, biology and industrial applications. Today, Nireco offers inspection systems for a number of products ranging from highly functional films used in various industries to food and agricultural products. In addition, we continuously update our inspection systems in response to new demands from customers.

Nireco makes inspection machines that inspect a wide range of products, including agricultural products, fresh fish, and high-performance films.